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Ralph Kuo Chiang Wu

Ralph Kuo Chiang Wu



在沈澱各種文創設計產業如時裝、展場、平面及廣告歷十年後, 於2008年赴HS voor de Kunsten Utrecht, the Netherlands修習獲得編輯設計(Editorial Design)碩士學位.
曾於荷蘭平面設計工作室mannschaft實習、瑞士Demian Conrad studio參與過LUFF film festival & Blackswan Foundation案件製作. 2011年寶藏巖元宵燈節”光樹之屋”展覽設計師. 現為自由工作者、田田圈文創工作群一員. 擅長繪設、書題與展策, 對於Typography的結構既解構與影像營造之間的關係存有執拗的追究心態. Paper fetish, loves printing.

Ralph Kuo Chiang Wu graduated with a MA degree in Editorial Design from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2009, after 10ish years working experience in the creative industries in Taiwan. He's worked as an intern at mannschaft in Amsterdam, and participated in the LUFF film festival and the Blackswan Foundation projects at the Demian Conrad design studio in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2010 respectively, while he's stayed in Western Europe. Currently he is working as a free lance designer and art director based in Taipei, as well as a member of the Tieniencircle Creative Group and the administrator of The Hole - a nomadic space for anarchistic projects. As a design professional and art enthusiast, he's constantly dedicated himself into design methodology and art practice in and out of the system of our society.

Ralph is sophisticated in (de-)constructive typography, building indication systems and information architecture, with a great sensibility in composing illustrated images. He pays particular attention to the details while utilizing certain materials in prints. His specialties in visual domain: photography, photo re-touching, installation, exhibition (spatial) design, graphic design, editorial design, branding and information visualization.