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Tsungjen Chang
Tsungjen Chang
Tsungjen Chang

Tsungjen Chang



張從仁,台灣人,畢業於台中東海大學。自1997年,開始從事建築設計的工作 ,在九年的工作經驗之中,參與包括了校園規劃、公共建築、商業空間、工廠,以及小型的室內裝修與景觀設計,在此經驗中,他成功的以建築師的角色參與不同尺度的設計暨整合工作。2006年前往荷蘭鹿特丹進修,研究建築與都市的社會現象與設計策略。在當地建築公司工作時深受荷蘭式的概念性建築影響,並對當地有別於亞洲的都市規劃策略特別感興趣,此間並應邀參與當地多項建築展覽與競賽,2009年回台灣任職於東巨建設集團設計總監

2009 設計總監建築師, 東巨建設集團, 台北, 台灣
2008 “The Bid” 2028年荷蘭申奧展, 鹿特丹, 荷蘭
2008 新一代設計展, “城市再生器”, Asia UrbanOlogy, 台北 & 鹿特丹
2007–2008 實習, NOX|Lars Spuybroek, 鹿特丹, 荷蘭
2007 展覽-獲鹿特丹建築學院推薦Iktino Prize, 鹿特丹 , 荷蘭
2006-2008 貝拉罕建築學院, 鹿特丹, 荷蘭
2004 台灣建築師, 台灣
2003-2006 建築師, 云鼎設計, 台北, 台灣
1997-2003 設計師, 易立聯合建築師事務所, 台北, 台灣
1995-1997 設計師, 華業建築師事務所, 台北, 台灣
1990 - 1995 東海大學建築學系, 台中, 台灣

Tsungjen Chang is Taiwanese. He is graduated from Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan .Since 1997, he acted as an architect both in architecture and interior field for 9 years, he worked on not only academy building, commercial building, factory…etc., but also interior and Landscape architecture on a smaller scale. During those experiences, he was successfully involved in different scale of design coordinating and integrating works as an architect. In 2006 , He bounded for Netherlands to research about social theory and strategic design in architecture and urban field. At that time, when working in the architecture firm in Rotterdam, he is fascinated by the Dutch conceptual architecture approach, and also interesting about urban planning process which is differ from Asian City. Then he was invited to join the exhibition and competition in Rotterdam. In 2009, he came back to Taiwan and worked as a design director in DongJu Architecture Group.

2009 Design Director DongJu Architecture Group, Taipei, Taiwan 2008 NAi Exhibition-“The Bid” Olympic Game in 2028, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2008 Young Designers' Exhibition, “Urban Regenerator”, Asia UrbanOlogy, Taipei & Rotterdam Teamwork 2007–2008 Internship, NOX|Lars Spuybroek, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2007 Exhibition - Iktino Prize invited by Rotterdam Architecture Academy | Team work, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2006–2008 Postgraduate Laboratory of Architecture, Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2004 The possession of the license of Architect the National Association of Architect, Taiwan 2003-2006 Architect, WIN Architecture & Associates, Taipei, Taiwan 1997-2005 Senior Designer, DTi Architecture & Associates, Taipei, Taiwan 1999–2002 Junior Designer, H.O.Y. Architecture & Associates, Taipei, Taiwan 1990–1995 Bachelor of Architecture, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan