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Chengyi Shih
Chengyi Shih

Cheng-yi Shih



2011 英國萊斯特大學博物館學博士班,專攻博物館/文創空間/展覽的敘事環境規劃設計。 2009- 2011專案規劃設計工作, 台北, 台灣
2008 漢聲雜誌社編輯/研究規劃, 台北, 台灣
2007- 2008台灣創意設計中心研究發展組副研究員, 台北, 台灣
2007 印度 Kutch 地區手工藝設計特約設計師, 印度
2005 印度Kutch地區手工藝設計實習計畫, 印度
2005 培果店壁畫,主題:The Buddha of Eindhoven, 安荷芬, 荷蘭
2004- 2006 永續設計碩士, 安荷芬設計學院 荷蘭
2000- 2003 台灣大學建築與城鄉研究所碩士, 台北, 台灣
1999 台灣大學藥學系學士, 中華民國藥師, 台北, 台灣

Cheng-Yi Shih was born in Taipei. He also was a pharmacist to promote the concept of "Self care" instead of drugs. As museum and exhibition researcher/planner/designer, he integrates his research and creative design thinking into his work by turning exhibition spaces into engaging narrative environments.

2011-now PhD researcher in University of Leicester, the UK.
2009-2011 Freelancer. Taipei, Taiwan
2008 First time to full-mindedly work and feel connection with Chinese folk art and craft in ECHO publishing, Taipei, Taiwan
2007-2008 As an assistant researcher in R&D of Taiwan Design Center. Through it, I got a general picture of designers and handicraftsmen, Taipei, Taiwan
2007 Second time in India: Commissioned designer in Kutch, Gujarat, India
2005 First time to India: A Collaborative project "Design meets Craft" with artisans in Kutch, Gujarat, India
2005 Mural project called ”The Buddha of Eindhoven” in Bagel and Juice restaurant, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2004-2006 Master of Art in Man and Humanity. (Humanitarian and Sustainable Design), Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2000-2003 I found my interest in architecture and environment building and got Master degree in Graduate institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
1999 I got the license of pharmacist in Taiwan on Sep. and first time to be a pharmacist in community pharmacy on Nov, Taipei, Taiwan
1995-1999 Bachelor in Pharmacy, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan